Server Install


The server currently runs only on Windows, from Windows 7/Windows Server 2008. However some features require at least Windows 8/Windows Server 2012. We are currently working on a Linux version.

To start developing apps for Stormancer, you will need at least:

  • 7Zip to decompress the server software file

  • Git to deploy applications to the server

Getting the server software

[Download]( the last portable free server release.

You can decompress the file using [7zip](



Stormancer uses the [Elasticsearch]( NoSQL database (5.x), which itself requires java. Elasticsearch is open source and available on the project’s web site. You can find installation instructions there, as well as best practices related to management & performance.


In a distributed environment, Stormancer uses [Apache Zookeeper]( to manage node discovery and leader election. It is therefore not necessary when running standalone.

Running the server

The server is configured by default to:

  • Listen on port http(TCP) 8081 for the web API (required to create/manage/deploy applications and for the initial HTTP handshake on client connection.)

  • Listen on port http(TCP) 9091 for the management website (not required, but make management a lot easier. However, the management portal is not secured, so configure your firewall with care.)

  • Listen on port UDP 30000 for the Raknet transport

  • Listen on port TCP 31000 for the websocket transport.

  • Contact the Elasticsearch DB on localhost:9200

It’s possible to add/remove transports, as well as change all these ports in default.config.

To start the server, run Stormancer.exe . It will wait for Elasticsearch (and Zookeeper if distributed) to become available before startup.

Ports used to connect to the server externally

A Node exposes several external ports:

  • The web API endpoint, running by default on port 8081. It is used by game clients for the initial connection handshake when trying to contact a service running on the grid. The endpoint must be accessible by game clients.

Checking if the server is ready