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 CDisconnectedArgsArgument for the OnDisconnected event
 CIS2SRequestContextA S2S request in the handler
 CISceneHostRepresents a scene host
 CITaskBasedEventHandlerA list of event handler based on task factories
 CMatchAllFilterMatch all peers connected to the scene
 CMatchArrayFilterMatches all the peers in the list
 CMatchPeerFilterMatches the specified peer
 CMatchSceneFilterMatches a scene
 CPartitioningDescriptorInfos required to select a partition for an object
 CPeerFilterAbstract parent class for peer filters
 CRouteOptionsOptions when registering an handler to a route
 CShutdownArgsClass containing scene shutdown arguments
 CHostPluginBuildContextContext used by plugins to register actions that interact with the host runtime
 CIHostPluginContract for a host plugin that interfaces with the .NET 45 server host
 CRequestContextContext used to interact with a request on the server
 CRpcExceptionException thrown when an RPC fails
 CRpcHostPluginServer RPC plugin
 CRpcServiceUsed to send remote procedure call through the RPC plugin
 CIAdminPluginConfigDescribes an admin plugin
 CActiveDeploymentChangedEventArgsContains informations about the new active deployment when the ActiveDeploymentChanged event is fired
 CAdminApiCredentialsRepresents credentials to use when calling the admin HTTP API
 CApplicationInfosInformations about the running application
 CIDelegatedTransportsEnables a server app to acquire unique resources
 CIEnvironmentContains methods to get in
 CILeaseAn acquired value from a pool. Dispose this object to release the value
 CIPeerInfosServiceProvides details about remote peers
 CNodeInfosInformations about the node
 CPeerDetailsObject containing details about a peer
 CInstanceScopeConfigUsed to specify instance scoping for a registration
 CISecretsStoreProvides access to the grid secret store
 CSecretSecret stored by the cluster secret store
 CIAppStatusProviderClasses implementing IAppStatusProvider can report status exposed by /_app/{account}/{app}/_status
 CIHostRepresents the application host
 CIndexRepresents an Elasticsearch index
 CLogDataData included in the log
 CLogEventA log event
 CSceneLogContextRepresents the context for a scene log
 CIAppBuilderObject used to build a Stormancer server application
 CIMsgPackSerializationPluginDeclares a plugin that can customize the msgpack serialization process
 CIScenePeerClientRepresents a peer connected to a scene on the server
 CIStartupRepresents a startup class for server applications
 CPeerDisconnectedExceptionTriggered when the peer is disconnected
 CPriorityAttributeApplies a priority to an event handler
 CSessionIdRepresents the id of a client session