Inherits basic_streambuf< byte >.

Public Types

enum  { Read = 1, Write = 2, Dynamic = 4, Allocated = 8 }
typedef int Mode

Public Member Functions

 bytestreambuf (byte *dataPtr, std::streamsize dataSize, bool isDynamic=false)
byte * startReadPtr ()
byte * currentReadPtr ()
byte * endReadPtr ()
byte * startWritePtr ()
byte * currentWritePtr ()
byte * endWritePtr ()
std::streamsize size ()
std::streamsize currentReadPosition ()
std::streamsize currentWritePosition ()
void dynamic (bool dyn)

Protected Member Functions

std::basic_streambuf< byte > * setbuf (byte *s, std::streamsize size) override
pos_type seekoff (off_type off, std::ios_base::seekdir way, std::ios_base::openmode which=std::ios_base::in|std::ios_base::out) override
pos_type seekpos (pos_type pos, std::ios_base::openmode which=std::ios_base::in|std::ios_base::out) override
std::streamsize showmanyc () override
std::streamsize xsgetn (byte *s, std::streamsize n) override
int_type underflow () override
int_type uflow () override
int_type pbackfail (int_type c=traits_type::eof()) override
std::streamsize xsputn (const char_type *s, std::streamsize n) override
int_type overflow (int_type c=traits_type::eof()) override
void tidy ()
void reset ()
void init (std::streamsize size=0)
void grow (std::streamsize minSize)
bool setgIfValid (byte *first, byte *next, byte *last)
bool setpIfValid (byte *first, byte *next, byte *last)
void updateReadAfterWrite ()

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