Public Member Functions

 Version (std::string versionStr)
bool operator== (const Version &version)

Static Public Member Functions

static const char * getVersionString ()
 Get the version of this Stormancer client library. More...

Public Attributes

int Major
int Minor
int Patch
int Build
std::string PreversionStr


class Configuration
bool operator< (const Version &lhs, const Version &rhs)
bool operator> (const Version &lhs, const Version &rhs)
bool operator<= (const Version &lhs, const Version &rhs)
bool operator>= (const Version &lhs, const Version &rhs)

Member Function Documentation

◆ getVersionString()

static const char* Stormancer::Version::getVersionString ( )

Get the version of this Stormancer client library.

The version returned by this function has the standard git-describe format : (latest version tag)-(number of commits since this version)-g(short hash of the current commit)

The version specification, as a C-string. This is a pointer to static data.

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