Stormancer::IScenePeer Class Referenceabstract

Remote scene. More...

#include <IScenePeer.h>

Inherited by Stormancer::IP2PScenePeer.

Public Member Functions

virtual std::string id () const =0
virtual byte handle () const =0
 Returns the scene handle.
virtual std::string getSceneId () const =0
virtual std::shared_ptr< IConnectionconnection () const =0
virtual const std::unordered_map< std::string, Route_ptr > & routes () const =0
virtual void send (const std::string &routeName, const StreamWriter &streamWriter, PacketPriority priority=PacketPriority::MEDIUM_PRIORITY, PacketReliability reliability=PacketReliability::RELIABLE_ORDERED, const std::string &channelIdentifier="")=0
virtual pplx::task< void > disconnect (pplx::cancellation_token ct=pplx::cancellation_token::none())=0

Detailed Description

Remote scene.

Member Function Documentation

◆ send()

virtual void Stormancer::IScenePeer::send ( const std::string &  routeName,
const StreamWriter &  streamWriter,
PacketPriority  priority = PacketPriority::MEDIUM_PRIORITY,
PacketReliability  reliability = PacketReliability::RELIABLE_ORDERED,
const std::string &  channelIdentifier = "" 
pure virtual

Sends a message to the remote scene.

routeNameRoute name.
streamWriterfunction where we write the message in the stream.
priorityPriority of the message in the network.
reliabilityReliability behavior of the message in the network.

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