Stormancer::Action< TParams > Class Template Reference

Aggregates procedures to be run simultaneously. More...

#include <Action.h>

Public Types

using TFunction = std::function< void(TParams...)>
using TContainer = std::list< TFunction >
using TIterator = typename TContainer::iterator
using TAction = Action< TParams... >

Public Member Functions

 Action (TFunction f)
 Action (const TAction &other)
 Action (TAction &&other)
TActionoperator= (const TAction &other)
TActionoperator= (TFunction f)
TActionoperator+= (TFunction f)
const TActionoperator() (TParams... data) const
TIterator push_front (TFunction f)
TIterator push_back (TFunction f)
void erase (TIterator it)
void clear ()
std::size_t size () const
 operator bool () const

Detailed Description

template<typename... TParams>
class Stormancer::Action< TParams >

Aggregates procedures to be run simultaneously.

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