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 Cctype< Stormancer::byte >
 CActionAggregates procedures to be run simultaneously
 CAction< void >Aggregates procedure pointers to be run simultaneously
 CConfigurationThis class contains parameters needed to initialize and configure a IClient
 CConnectionDataConnection informations to send to the server
 CContainerBuilderThe ContainerBuilder is the primary element of the dependency injection mechanism. Use it to set up the dependencies that you want to make available to consumer components
 CAllA "type tag" struct to be used as a type argument to registerDependency() when denoting a dependency on multiple instances of T
 CDependencyScopeAn object from which dependencies can be retrieved
 CEntityRepresents an entity in the replication system
 CEventRepresents an event to which multiple handlers can subscribe
 CFileLoggerLogger which writing in a file
 CIConnectionInterface of a network connection
 CILoggerInterface for the loggers
 CIScenePeerRemote scene
 CISchedulerA scheduler used to schedule network tasks
 CITokenHandlerInterface for a token handler
 CNullLoggerInactive logger (Used by default)
 CPacketExpose a stream for reading data received from the network
 CRandomNumberGeneratorA pseudo-random number generator. Uses the C++11 default random engine
 CRegistrationHandleThe RegistrationHandle allows configuring a dependency added via ContainerBuilder::registerDependency()
 CReplicationReplication API
 CRouteRepresents a route on a scene
 CRouteDtoInformation about a scene route
 CClientRpcOptionsOptions for client-to-server RPCs
 CServerRpcOptionsOptions for server-to-client RPCs
 CRouteOptionsAdditional options for route registration
 CSceneEndpointInformations to connect to a scene
 CSubscription_implSubscription (execute destroy when destructor is called)
 CViewRepresents a view in the replication system