Stormancer.Core Namespace Reference


class  ConnectionStateCtx
interface  IConnection
interface  IConnectionStatistics
interface  IScene
 Represents a Stormancer scene. More...
interface  IScenePeer
 A remote scene. More...
class  Packet
 A packet sent by a remote peer to the running peer. More...
class  Route
 Represents a route on a scene. More...


enum  BPSLimitationType : byte { None = 0, CongestionControl = 1, OutgoingBandwidth = 2 }
enum  ConnectionState { Disconnected, Connecting, Connected, Disconnecting }
enum  MessageOriginFilter { Host = 1, Peer = 2, All = 0xFF }
enum  PacketPriority { PacketPriority.IMMEDIATE_PRIORITY = 0, PacketPriority.HIGH_PRIORITY = 1, PacketPriority.MEDIUM_PRIORITY = 2, PacketPriority.LOW_PRIORITY = 3 }
 Available packet priorities More...
enum  PacketReliability {
  PacketReliability.UNRELIABLE = 0, PacketReliability.UNRELIABLE_SEQUENCED = 1, PacketReliability.RELIABLE = 2, PacketReliability.RELIABLE_ORDERED = 3,
  PacketReliability.RELIABLE_SEQUENCED = 4
 Different available reliability levels when sending a packet. More...

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ PacketPriority

Available packet priorities

If packets are in competition for expedition, priority levels work as follow: 2 HIGH_PRIORITY packets are sent for 1 MEDIUM_PRIORITY packet. 2 MEDIUM_PRIORITY packets are sent for 1 LOW_PRIORITY packet.


The packet is sent immediately without aggregation.


The packet is sent at high priority level.


The packet is sent at medium priority level.


The packet is sent at low priority level.

◆ PacketReliability

Different available reliability levels when sending a packet.


The packet may be lost, or arrive out of order. There are no guarantees whatsoever.


The packets arrive in order, but may be lost. If a packet arrives out of order, it is discarded. The last packet may also never arrive.


The packets always reach destination, but may do so out of order.


The packets always reach destination and in order.


The packets arrive at destination in order. If a packet arrive out of order, it is ignored. That mean that packets may disappear, but the last one always reach destination.