MsgPack Namespace Reference


namespace  Serialization


class  AsyncReadResult
 Provides static utility methods for AsyncReadResult<T>.
class  BigEndianBinary
 Define bit operations which enforce big endian.
class  Binary
 Defines binary related utilities.
class  BufferManager
 Manages internal thread-local buffers for packer/unpacker.
class  ByteArrayPacker
 Defines interface and basic functionality for byte array based Packer. More...
class  ByteArrayUnpacker
 Defines interface and basic functionality for byte array based Unpacker. More...
class  ByteBufferAllocator
 Defines common interface for byte buffer allocators.
class  CollectionDebuggerProxy
 Debugger type proxy for ICollection<T>.
class  CollectionOperation
class  CollectionValidatingByteArrayUnpacker
class  CollectionValidatingStreamUnpacker
class  DictionaryDebuggerProxy
 Debugger type proxy for IDictionary<TKey,TValue>.
class  EncodingExtensions
 Common encoding extensions for streaming encoding/decoding.
class  FastByteArrayUnpacker
class  FastStreamUnpacker
class  FixedArrayBufferAllocator
 An implementation of ByteBufferAllocator which does not do any allocation and forces reuse of original array.
struct  Float32Bits
 Provides bit access for Single.
struct  Float64Bits
 Provides bit access for Double.
struct  Int32OffsetValue
 Represents Int32 offset and value pair.
struct  Int64OffsetValue
 Represents Int64 offset and value pair.
class  InvalidMessagePackStreamException
 Exception occured when inbound stream is invalid as serialized Message Pack stream. More...
interface  IPackable
interface  IRootUnpacker
 Defines accessor for internal, domestic Unpacker implementations.
interface  IUnpackable
class  KnownExtTypeCode
 Defines known ext type code for MessagePack for CLI.
class  KnownExtTypeName
 Defines known ext type name for MessagePack for CLI.
class  MessageNotSupportedException
 Exception occurs when serialized stream contains structures or features which will never be supported by MsgPack/CLI implementation. More...
class  MessagePackByteArrayPacker
 Implementation for byte array based MessagePack packer.
class  MessagePackByteArrayUnpacker
 Implements common features for byte array based MessagePack unpacker.
class  MessagePackCode
class  MessagePackConvert
 Define common convert rountines specific to MessagePack.
struct  MessagePackExtendedTypeObject
 Represents Message Pack extended type object. More...
struct  MessagePackObject
 Represents deserialized object of MsgPack. More...
class  MessagePackObjectDictionary
 Implements IDictionary<TKey,TValue> for MessagePackObject. More...
class  MessagePackObjectEqualityComparer
 Implements EqualityComparer<T> of MessagePackObject. More...
class  MessagePackStreamPacker
 Implementation for stream based MessagePack packer.
class  MessagePackStreamUnpacker
 Implements common features for stream based MessagePack unpacker.
class  MessagePackString
 Encapselates String and its serialized UTF-8 bytes.
class  MessageTypeException
 Represents unpacking error when message type is unknown or unavailable. More...
class  MPContract
 System.Contract alternative working on Xamarin.
class  Packer
 Implements serialization feature of MsgPack. More...
class  PackerUnpackerExtensions
 Defines extension method to pack or unpack various objects.
class  PackerUnpackerStreamOptions
 Represents options for stream on Packer/Unpacker creation. More...
class  PackingOptions
 Represents options of packing. More...
class  PreserveAttribute
class  PureAttribute
class  ReadValueResults
 Static utilities of ReadValueResult.
class  ReflectionAbstractions
class  SetOperation
 Implements basic (maybe naive) implementation for common Set<T> operation.
class  SingleArrayBufferAllocator
 An implementation of ByteBufferAllocator which reallocte a new single array and copy old contents to it.
class  StringEscape
class  SubtreeUnpacker
 Defines subtree unpacking unpacker.
struct  Timestamp
 Represents high resolution timestamp for MessagePack eco-system. More...
class  TimestampStringConverter
 An internal Timestamp parser and stringifier.
class  TupleItems
 Defines helper method for items of tuple type.
class  UnassignedMessageTypeException
 Represents unpacking error when message type is not valid because 0xC1 will never be assigned. More...
class  Unpacker
class  UnpackerOptions
 Represents various Unpacker option settings. More...
class  UnpackException
 Represents generic unpacking error. More...
class  Unpacking
 Defines direct conversion value from/to Message Pack binary stream without intermediate MessagePackObject.
struct  UnpackingResult
 Represents result of direct conversion from the byte array. More...
class  UnpackingStream
 Represents raw binary as read only Stream. More...
class  UnpackingStreamReader
 Implements TextReader which reads raw binary Stream with specific Encoding. More...
class  Volatile
 Polyfill for System.Threading.Volatile.


enum  PackerCompatibilityOptions { PackerCompatibilityOptions.None = 0, PackerCompatibilityOptions.PackBinaryAsRaw = 0x1, PackerCompatibilityOptions.ProhibitExtendedTypeObjects = 0x2, PackerCompatibilityOptions.Classic = PackBinaryAsRaw | ProhibitExtendedTypeObjects }
 Defines compatibility options for Packer. More...
enum  UnpackerValidationLevel { UnpackerValidationLevel.None = 0, UnpackerValidationLevel.Collection }
 Specifies validation behavior level of Unpacker. More...

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ PackerCompatibilityOptions

Defines compatibility options for Packer.


No compatibility options. Packers use newest behavior.


Packs byte array as raw(str) value, and also prohibits usage of str8 type for legacy unpacker implementations.


Prohibits usage of any ext types for legacy unpacker implementations.


Packers should be use classic behavior. That is, do not use str8 and any ext types, and byte arrays must be packed as raw.

◆ UnpackerValidationLevel

Specifies validation behavior level of Unpacker.


No validation. Although this improves unpacking performance, trouble shooting becomes hard.


Validates collection nesting. This options is default for backward compatibility.