Stormancer.Diagnostics.ILogger Interface Reference

Contract for a Logger in Stormancer. More...

Inherited by Stormancer.DebugLogger, Stormancer.Diagnostics.NullLogger, and Stormancer.NullLogger.

Public Member Functions

void Log (LogLevel level, string category, string message, object data=null)
 Logs a json message More...

Detailed Description

Contract for a Logger in Stormancer.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Log()

void Stormancer.Diagnostics.ILogger.Log ( LogLevel  level,
string  category,
string  message,
object  data = null 

Logs a json message

levelThe log level of the message.
categoryThe category of the message.
messageLog message
dataAdditionnal data about the log.

Implemented in Stormancer.DebugLogger, and Stormancer.Diagnostics.NullLogger.

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