Stormancer.Infrastructure.MsgPackMapSerializer Class Reference

Inherits Stormancer.Infrastructure.MsgPackSerializer.

Inherited by Stormancer.Infrastructure.MsgPackMapSerializerNativeDates.

Public Member Functions

 MsgPackMapSerializer (IEnumerable< IMsgPackSerializationPlugin > plugins)
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 MsgPackSerializer ()
 Creates a new MsgPackSerializer object More...
 MsgPackSerializer (IEnumerable< IMsgPackSerializationPlugin > plugins)
 Creates a new MsgPackSerializer object with plugins More...
void Serialize< T > (T data, System.IO.Stream stream)
 Serializes an object into a stream More...
Deserialize< T > (System.IO.Stream stream)
 Deserialize an instance of T from a stream. More...
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void Serialize< T > (T data, Stream stream)
 Serialize an object into a stream. More...
Deserialize< T > (Stream stream)
 Deserialize an object from a stream. More...

Static Public Attributes

const string NAME = "msgpack/map"

Protected Member Functions

override MsgPack.Serialization.SerializationContext GetSerializationContext ()
 Builds the msgpack serialization context for this serializer. More...
override void InitializeSerializationContext (SerializationContext ctx)


override string Name [get]
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virtual string Name [get]
 Name of the serializer More...
- Properties inherited from Stormancer.ISerializer
string Name [get]
 The serializer format. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetSerializationContext()

override MsgPack.Serialization.SerializationContext Stormancer.Infrastructure.MsgPackMapSerializer.GetSerializationContext ( )

Builds the msgpack serialization context for this serializer.

The new serialization context.

Reimplemented from Stormancer.Infrastructure.MsgPackSerializer.

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