Inherits IDisposable.

Public Member Functions

virtual void Dispose ()
override int GetHashCode ()
override string ToString ()
 uint24_t (uint24_t a)
uint24_t CopyData (uint24_t a)
bool Equals (uint24_t right)
 uint24_t (uint a)
uint24_t CopyData (uint a)
bool Equals (uint right)

Static Public Member Functions

static implicit operator uint24_t (uint inUint)
static bool operator== (uint24_t a, uint24_t b)
static bool operator!= (uint24_t a, uint24_t b)
static bool operator< (uint24_t a, uint24_t b)
static bool operator> (uint24_t a, uint24_t b)
static uint24_t operator+ (uint24_t a, uint24_t b)
static uint24_t operator++ (uint24_t a)
static uint24_t operator-- (uint24_t a)
static uint24_t operator* (uint24_t a, uint24_t b)
static uint24_t operator/ (uint24_t a, uint24_t b)
static uint24_t operator- (uint24_t a, uint24_t b)
static bool operator== (uint24_t a, uint b)
static bool operator!= (uint24_t a, uint b)
static bool operator< (uint24_t a, uint b)
static bool operator> (uint24_t a, uint b)
static uint24_t operator+ (uint24_t a, uint b)
static uint24_t operator* (uint24_t a, uint b)
static uint24_t operator/ (uint24_t a, uint b)
static uint24_t operator- (uint24_t a, uint b)

Protected Attributes

bool swigCMemOwn


uint val [get, set]

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