Inherits IDisposable.

Public Member Functions

virtual void Dispose ()
override int GetHashCode ()
override string ToString ()
void ToString (bool writePort, out string dest)
 SystemAddress (string str)
 SystemAddress (string str, ushort port)
byte GetIPVersion ()
uint GetIPPROTO ()
void SetToLoopback ()
void SetToLoopback (byte ipVersion)
bool IsLoopback ()
string ToString (bool writePort, char portDelineator)
string ToString (bool writePort)
void ToString (bool writePort, string dest, char portDelineator)
bool FromString (string str, char portDelineator, int ipVersion)
bool FromString (string str, char portDelineator)
bool FromString (string str)
bool FromStringExplicitPort (string str, ushort port, int ipVersion)
bool FromStringExplicitPort (string str, ushort port)
void CopyPort (SystemAddress right)
bool EqualsExcludingPort (SystemAddress right)
ushort GetPort ()
ushort GetPortNetworkOrder ()
void SetPortHostOrder (ushort s)
void SetPortNetworkOrder (ushort s)
bool SetBinaryAddress (string str, char portDelineator)
bool SetBinaryAddress (string str)
void ToString_Old (bool writePort, string dest, char portDelineator)
void ToString_Old (bool writePort, string dest)
void FixForIPVersion (SystemAddress boundAddressToSocket)
bool IsLANAddress ()
SystemAddress CopyData (SystemAddress input)
bool Equals (SystemAddress right)

Static Public Member Functions

static bool operator== (SystemAddress a, SystemAddress b)
static bool operator!= (SystemAddress a, SystemAddress b)
static bool operator< (SystemAddress a, SystemAddress b)
static bool operator> (SystemAddress a, SystemAddress b)
static bool operator<= (SystemAddress a, SystemAddress b)
static bool operator>= (SystemAddress a, SystemAddress b)
static int size ()
static uint ToInteger (SystemAddress sa)

Protected Attributes

bool swigCMemOwn


ushort debugPort [get, set]
ushort systemIndex [get, set]

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