Inherits IDisposable.

Public Member Functions

virtual void Dispose ()
 RakWString (RakString right)
 RakWString (SWIGTYPE_p_wchar_t input)
 RakWString (RakWString right)
 RakWString (string input)
SWIGTYPE_p_wchar_t C_String ()
RakWString CopyData (RakWString right)
RakWString CopyData (RakString right)
RakWString CopyData (SWIGTYPE_p_wchar_t str)
RakWString CopyData (string str)
bool Equals (RakWString right)
void Set (SWIGTYPE_p_wchar_t str)
bool IsEmpty ()
uint GetLength ()
int StrCmp (RakWString right)
int StrICmp (RakWString right)
void Clear ()
void Printf ()
void FPrintf (SWIGTYPE_p_FILE fp)
void Serialize (BitStream bs)
bool Deserialize (BitStream bs)

Static Public Member Functions

static uint ToInteger (RakWString rs)
static void Serialize (SWIGTYPE_p_wchar_t str, BitStream bs)
static bool Deserialize (SWIGTYPE_p_wchar_t str, BitStream bs)

Protected Attributes

bool swigCMemOwn

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