RakNet.RakNetStatistics Class Reference

Inherits IDisposable.

Public Member Functions

virtual void Dispose ()
void SetBytesInSendBuffer (double[] inDoubleArray, int numDoubles)
void SetMessageInSendBuffer (uint[] inUnsignedIntArray, int numInts)
void SetRunningTotal (ulong[] inUint64Array, int numUint64)
void SetValueOverLastSecond (ulong[] inUint64Array, int numUint64)

Protected Attributes

bool swigCMemOwn


ulong[] valueOverLastSecond [get, set]
ulong[] runningTotal [get, set]
ulong connectionStartTime [get, set]
bool isLimitedByCongestionControl [get, set]
ulong BPSLimitByCongestionControl [get, set]
bool isLimitedByOutgoingBandwidthLimit [get, set]
ulong BPSLimitByOutgoingBandwidthLimit [get, set]
uint[] messageInSendBuffer [get, set]
double[] bytesInSendBuffer [get, set]
uint messagesInResendBuffer [get, set]
ulong bytesInResendBuffer [get, set]
float packetlossLastSecond [get, set]
float packetlossTotal [get, set]

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