Stormancer is a distributed realtime application solution for online games. It's a scalable and reliable foundation for your multiplayer games. Code server applications in C#5 with a powerful high level API, deploy on the server using Git, automate operations using web APIs, and connect game clients with SDKs targeting multiple platforms.


Client SDKs

  • Cpp with UE4 support
  • Unity3D
  • javascript
  • AS3

Supported network engines

  • UDP (reliable/unreliable) using Raknet
  • Websocket
  • Soon: WebRTC


  • Automatic & customizable loadbalancing
  • Run any C# code
  • Applications can use included Elasticsearch database
  • Git deployment, rollback enabled
  • Run many apps and environments at once
  • Update server applications without interruption of service
  • Create custom Web based admin UI & secured Apis